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With electric vehicle manufacturers moving to the North America Charging Standard (NACS) connectors for EV charging, there are myriad questions about what this means for existing EV and soon-to-be EV owners. There’s no need to be confused or concerned with the move away from the likes of CCS and J1772. There’s actually much to be excited about!

Emporia CEO, Shawn McLaughlin, shared key insights with EV Pulse about the transition to NACS as the EV Charging standard! Check out the video, “NACS Will be in EVERY EV Soon. Here’s What it Means,” to learn everything from how users of CCS and J1772 equipped cars will be able to charge with adapters to the additional benefits NACS will provide in the future aligned with the SAE J3400 spec.

Looking for a best-in-class NACS EV Charger now for your home charging needs (up to 48Amps)? Shop the Emporia EV Charger With NACS Connector, which was rated 96/100 on Tom Moloughney’s State of Charge!


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