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Tom Moloughney's top pick for an EV Charger, now with a NACS Connector!

As the North American Charging Standard (NACS) becomes standard connectivity on most EVs, Emporia’s meeting the need with an additional version of our acclaimed $399 Level 2 48 Amp Smart Home EV Charger With J1772 Connector.

Don’t just take our word it, either! The $399 Emporia Level 2 48 Amp Smart Home EV Charger With NACS Connector went through the paces on Tom Moloughney’s State of Charge, earning a 96/10 on the ChargerRater! (That’s one point higher than the Emporia EV Charger With J1772, which remains Tom’s top pick for a Level 2 home EV Charger!) Combined with his personal rating, it received an overall rating of 4.675/5 stars!

And of course, Emporia’s NACS-equipped EV Charger retains the same certifications and top specs you expect, along with Emporia’s Smart Home Energy Management features that help you save on every charge.

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