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Empowering Independence

24/7 backup power that’s intelligent, affordable, and reliable.

A Powerhouse of Features

Whole-home Backup

Automatic power during an outages and expensive peak times

Installation Options

Manage your own project or get a professional Emporia installation

Flexible sizing options

A battery system that scales to your budget and goals

Solar Compatible

Store excess solar energy to
use at night or during peak times

Outdoor Certified

Weatherproof and fire-rated to fit your desired installation location

12-year Warranty

An industry-leading warranty backed by our US support team

What Our Customers Are Saying

Installation Options

Emporia Professional

We’ve vetted and trained installers in your area to ensure a fair price and a quality installation.

The Process:

  • Free design consultation
  • Upfront, transparent pricing
  • Fully-licensed professionals
  • Permitting & interconnection included
  • A post-installation walkthrough call with an Emporia Energy Expert.

Avg. install cost: $6,000 before incentives


Simply purchase the equipment from Emporia and manage the installation yourself!

The Process:

  • Free design consultation
  • Find your installer
  • Purchase the equipment
  • Manage the installation
  • A post-installation walkthrough call with an Emporia Energy Expert.

Install cost will vary

The Home Battery Built For You

  • Multiple system sizing options
  • Solar compatible
  • Outdoor and fire-rated
  • 12-year industry leading warranty
  • Only 6″ off the wall (low profile)
  • Works with Emporia’s entire ecosystem of products such as EV chargers, energy monitors, and other smart appliances

Premier Hardware, Approachable Price

Emporia is a proud partner of SolaX

Battery FAQs

What's the process to get solar or a battery installed?

Schedule a free 20-minute design consultation with an Emporia Expert to review system options. Afterward, you’ll receive a proposal with at least two options to review. Once you review the contract and pay the refundable deposit, our installer will schedule a remote or on-site visit to confirm your final price and timeline. After the installer gets permits and installs the system, the Emporia team will host a Walkthrough Call with you to explain the battery’s settings, complete the program enrollment, and ensure that you’re comfortable with your new battery’s operation. The entire process takes approximately 3 months from the date of the deposit to the Walkthrough Call.

At Emporia Energy, after a rigorous global search and careful vetting against critical criteria, we proudly partner with SolaX Power to provide the best energy storage solutions on the market. SolaX Power’s advanced lithium-ion phosphate batteries offer over 6000 cycles and a 12-year warranty, ensuring long-lasting, reliable energy storage. Their systems operate efficiently across a wide temperature range and include safety features like rapid shutdown and optional Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (ACFI). SolaX Power’s customizable solutions, with stackable battery modules ranging from 5kW to 80kW and both AC and DC coupled inverters, guarantee flexibility and compatibility with existing solar systems. The user-friendly experience includes real-time monitoring, fast battery commissioning, and extensive global support. With the Emporia Home Energy Solution powered by Solax, you invest in a sustainable future, reducing reliance on the grid and supporting renewable energy integration.

As of 2023, solar and battery storage technology are considered qualified expenses under the Residential Clean Energy Credit. If you are eligible, it is Emporia’s opinion that the calculation for the 30% federal tax credit combined with other incentives are as follows:
(Total Project Cost – Other Incentives) * 30% = Eligible Tax Credit

Emporia or its employees are not tax professionals. Please contact your tax professional or the IRS for professional assistance regarding the ITC.

15kWh battery | $3,825 max rebate (4.5kW for 3 hours at $850/kW)
20kWh battery | $5,100 max rebate (6kW for 3 hours at $850/kW)
30kWh battery | $7,650 max rebate (9kW for 3 hours at $850/kW)
40kWh battery | $10,200 max rebate (12kW for 3 hours at $850/kW)
45kWh battery | $10,500 max rebate (12.35kW for 3 hours at $850/kW)
60kWh battery | $10,500 max rebate (12.35kW for 3 hours at $850/kW)
80kWh battery | $10,500 max rebate (12.35kW for 3 hours at $850/kW)

Solar: 25 year manufacturers warranty
Batteries: 12 year manufacturer’s warranty with the option to extend to 15 years
Workmanship: Included but varies slightly by installation partner.

Yes, our licensed installers guarantee their work. Ask an Emporia Expert for details.

Most solar and battery projects are completed in 3 months from the day the deposit is paid to the final Walkthrough Call. Local housing jurisdictions, permit offices, utility companies and weather can impact the timeline. Our Electrification Experts will keep you updated on the progress of your project each step of the way.

If you agree to our Self-Install Terms and complete our Installation Training, you can purchase the inverter and battery hardware from us directly and manage the installation yourself. We do not sell solar panels. You assume all liability and responsibility if you decide to go this route. Book an appointment with our team and we can walk you through it.

There are a lot of excellent rebates available for solar and/or battery systems in the United States today. Schedule an appointment and learn what a home energy project can do for your energy savings and independence.