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Vue 3 Energy Monitor

Pull the plug on high energy bills

Waste not, Save a lot $.

Linked to your electrical panel, the Vue 3 monitors your usage and identifies any wasteful energy consumption, helping you save on electricity costs.

Turn insights into savings.

Install the Vue 3 “Whole Home” monitor or add up to 16 unique sensors to measure specific rooms or appliances.    Next, use our free mobile app to find sources of energy being wasted, learn strategies to minimize usage during peak utility times, and receive notifications for any appliances or pumps that have been inadvertently left running.

Take Control.
Pair with other smart devices.

You can do even more with your Vue 3 when pairing it with other smart devices.  Automate EV charging schedules, turn on and off smart appliances, schedule lighting with Smart Plugs, enable solar-only charging, and more.  All controlled through the Emporia mobile app.

SuperCHARGE your EV.

Avoid the need for expensive electrical service upgrades and still charge your EV at full power.


The Vue 3 allows for the integration of our advanced load management software, enabling the automatic adjustment of electric vehicle charging rates. This feature permits the total breaker load to surpass the service rating of the electrical panel, while ensuring that energy consumption in your home remains within acceptable limits.

Use the sun first

Generating solar energy? Connect the Emporia Vue with smart plugs, EV charger, smart thermostats, or Home Connect appliances to utilize surplus solar power in your household and significantly lower your energy costs.

How it Works

Install in Panel

The Vue Energy Monitor installs in most electrical panels. Systems with only busbar access require our Flexible Current Sensors.

Monitor Circuits

Add up to sixteen 50-amp sensors to monitor individual circuits connected to your biggest and most important appliances and equipment.

Connect over WiFi

To get real-time data, use the Emporia app on a 2.4GHz WiFi network to track electricity consumption, production, and voltage constantly. 24/7.

Manage and Automate Your Energy

With the Emporia app you can easily configure settings to automate energy management for time of use, peak demand, and excess solar. You can also see real-time reporting and identify immediate savings opportunities.

Emporia Vue 
Utility Connect

If you have an AMI smart meter and utility to connect to, the Emporia Vue Utility Connect is an easy way to enter the energy-tracking game. Unlike our in-panel Vue, simply plug this one into a wall outlet to manage energy use and solar net metering over WiFi.