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Home Energy Management App

Emporia Smart Home Energy Management app empowers you to control your home’s energy.

One app to rule them all

Using Emporia’s intuitive mobile app or web-based platform, you can automate, control, and manage connected devices like EV chargers, the Vue Home Energy Monitor, Smart Plugs, home battery systems, excess solar, smart appliances, and thermostats to optimize their performance.

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Manage your home energy in smarter ways.

The Emporia Smart Home Energy Management system is all about the benefits.

Energy Management App Features

Stay in Control Anywhere

Using our insightful web-based or smart-phone app, you can automate, control, and manage your home’s energy whenever, wherever.

Better Peak Demand Management

Set a Peak Demand Goal for your Emporia Vue Monitor and the app will adjust energy usage for your smart devices to meet it.

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Smarter Time-of-Use Management

The Emporia App automatically limits smart device energy consumption during the utility’s peak hours—helping you avoiding those higher rates.

Excess Solar Management

Optimized Excess Solar Power

The Emporia Vue Monitor allows you to prioritize and adjust smart devices to automatically consume excess solar or other renewable energy. It also helps keep your home cool in hot summers.

Greater Peace of Mind

With the Vue Energy Monitor and Emporia app analyzing your home, you’ll be alerted of monthly peak energy use, left-on lights, constantly running sump pumps, and more.

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Earn Rewards

Receive cash back or bill credit by participating in your utility’s demand-response energy program and adjusting usage during high-use periods.

Enjoy the power of the Emporia ecosystem

Explore the Emporia Smart Home Management system today.