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Emporia aims to reduce our customers' energy bill and carbon footprint by 30-50% by automating energy use through Smart Plugs, EV Chargers, Home Batteries, Thermostats and more!

Emporia EV Charger with Load Management

EV Charging Without Costly Electrical Upgrades

Emporia Load Management

Get an Emporia Level 2 EV Charger without the headache of costly electrical service upgrades, all while adhering to the National Electric Code standards. Empower your home, stay within code, and enjoy cost-effective EV charging with Emporia's innovative Load Management.
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Emporia EV Charger

Level 2 residential charging station

Level 2 charges any EV up to 48 amps. Works with all electric cars. Installs indoors or out. Schedule charging, track energy use, automate charge reduction for Peak Demand and Time-of-Use and Solar only Charging in the Emporia app.
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Only $399.00

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Automated Energy Management

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Integrate, Automate, and Control

Automate your Smart Plugs, EV Chargers, Home Batteries, Thermostats, and more to conserve or consume energy with our Time-of-Use Rate Plan Management, Peak Demand Management, and Excess Solar Optimizer.
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Emporia EV Charger
with ProControl

EV Charging with Access Controls

The Emporia EV charger with ProControl is ideal for multi-family, workplaces, rentals, fleets and other parking situations that require access controls for tenants, employees, guests and other regular drivers.
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Only $699.00

Check out the EV Charger with ProControl
Emporia EV Charger with ProControl
Emporia Gen 2 Vue with 16 50A Sensors

Emporia Vue Energy Monitor

In-panel energy monitors
for most homes

Residential and light-commercial insight into electricity usage, plus track the usage of up to 16 individual circuits that installs in an electrical panel.
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Starting at $84.99

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V2X Bi-Directional Charger

Charge Your Car.
Power Your Home.

The Emporia V2X Charging Station is a 40A level 2, bi-directional car charger that can use your car battery to power your home (V2H) or the grid (V2G).
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Coming 2024

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Emporia V2X Bi-Directional Charger
Emporia Home Battery

Emporia PowerStation

Home Battery Systems

Works seamlessly with Emporia Smart Home Energy Management System. Store during inexpensive off peak hours and power your home during expensive peak hours.
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Emporia Smart Plugs

for any home with
15A 3-prong outlets

PC Magazine's Editor's Choice! Monitor the energy use and control most home appliances, lights, and electronics from anywhere with the Emporia App, Amazon Alexa, or Google Home.
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As low as $11.99 per plug

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Emporia Smart Plugs
Emporia Vue Utility Connect

Vue: Utility Connect

Wireless energy monitors
for some homes

Residential and light-commercial insight into electricity usage and generation that easily connects to utility-provided AMI ZigBee® enabled Smart Meters.
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Only $39.99

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Emporia App

The Emporia Energy App

Manage Your Smart Energy Devices

  • Track your energy usage.
  • Get savings opportunities.
  • Receive energy saving notifications.
  • Make your home more energy efficient.