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Coming 2025:
V2X Bi-Directional Charger

Turn your car charger into your home’s power plant.

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Charge your car. Power your home.

Find your car’s real super power. The Emporia V2X bi-directional car charger uses your car’s battery to power your home via V2H or the grid via V2G.

Stay powerful.

With the Emporia V2X bi-directional charger, there’s no such things as a power outage. When the power goes out, or when energy costs are high, the charger kicks in to ensure your home remains running as efficiently as it should.

Stay efficient with solar.

Have solar power on your home? Combine the Emporia V2X bi-directional charger with the Emporia Vue Smart Home Energy Monitor, and you can set the system only to charge your EV when excess solar is generated.

Integrate. Automate. Be in control.

Manage your home energy easily. Pair your Emporia V2X bi-direction charger with the Emporia Smart Home Energy Management system, and you can automate charging and storage to manage demand charges, excess solar generation, and time-of-use pricing.

Put the power in your hands.

With our Emporia app, you can track the energy it takes to charge your car in real time by the minute, hour, day, week, month, or year. You can even set it to charge your car only when energy rates are at their cheapest—just one more way Emporia aims to save you money.

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