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The Gadgeteer Reviews Emporia's Gen 2 Vue Energy Monitor!

“Relatively low cost for info that could save you lots long term.”

We’re so glad The Gadgeteer noted that in their review of the Emporia Gen 2 Vue Energy Monitor!

Put simply, we think smart home owners will love the ability to track energy use in real time to turn power in money-saving knowledge!

The Vue Energy Monitor doesn’t guess what appliances you have. It’s connected directly to the circuits you care about, like your furnace, A/C, refrigerator, or solar generation. It monitors them 24/7.

Beyond that it has amazing, automatable energy management features when combined with select integrated devices, like our Smart Plugs, EV Chargers, and select Smart Thermostats. You can even do things like make the most of your solar energy generation if you have solar panels!

And that’s just scratching the surface! Don’t just take it from us! The Gadgeteer noted, “The Vue Home Energy Monitor is a powerful gadget that can absolutely provide insights into the energy usage around your entire home” and that “…you should be able to spot excess draw from devices in standby saving you money if they don’t need to be on.

Click here to learn more why the Emporia Gen 2 Vue Energy Monitor is the ultimate Whole Home Energy Monitor.


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