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Emporia Smart Plugs are the most cost effective way to bring the money saving benefits of smart home energy monitoring, management, and automation to many appliances in your home.

And as far as Smart Plugs in general go, we’re pleased to report that Emporia’s are “one of [CNET’s] favorite smart plugs.

We can’t forget to mention you can also enjoy features like Time of Use Management so you can know when it’s cheapest to power your devices and set it to automatically occur. Imagine knowing the most cost effective time brew your morning coffee and setting a time for it to happen automatically!

Better yet, you can even make use of voice control via Alexa (only in the US) or Google Home! And best of all, it seamlessly integrates with our Emporia Gen 2 Vue Whole Energy Monitor to provide you granular energy use insights and automations!

Look no further than the Emporia Smart Plug if you want a Smarter Smart Plug that allows you to monitor energy use and control most home appliances from anywhere via the Emporia App — and that can help you save on your energy bills!

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