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Another recommendation for Emporia's energy management gear, this time from SlashGear!

We’re delighted that you’re exploring the benefits of a whole home energy monitor and have landed here at Emporia!

We’re especially delighted to highlight that publications like SlashGear recommend the Emporia Gen 2 Vue Energy Monitor.

You’ll be delighted, too, with a low cost of entry and expandability for Individual circuit monitoring, along with detailed and automatable energy management features that help you curb excess energy usage and save money in the process.The Gen 2 Vue Energy monitor opens up a world of amazing smart home automations, whether you simply want to keep track of your energy use or do things like enable your Emporia EV Charger to charge only using your solar panels! Did we mention it’s also compatible with our Smart Plugs so you can do things like automating your morning coffee brew to occur when it’s cheapest and keep track of the energy usage?

Click here to explore more ways the Emporia Gen 2 Vue Energy Monitor can fit into your smart home lifestyle, empowering you to save on energy use and costs.


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