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MotorTrend named the Emporia 48 Amp Level 2 Smart Home EV Charger as the "Best Smart EV Home Charger for its 2023 roundup.

MotorTrend named Emporia the “Best Smart EV Home Charger” in its comprehensive review of level 2 electric vehicle chargers on the market highlighting its blend of features, price, and performance..

In the article, they noted “The Wi-Fi-enabled Emporia EV Charger packs a ton of features into its reasonable price tag. When hardwired to your home’s electrical system, it delivers up to 11.5 kW for faster charging than the Grizzl-E Classic. (Using the NEMA 14-50 plug requires limiting the power to 9.6 kW.) Emporia’s app also makes it easy to schedule charging and track your costs if you’re on a time-of-use electric plan that makes it cheaper to charge at night and during weekends.”   

In addition, they called out the added value of the Emporia energy management system.  It’s not just about charging your car; it’s about integrating your charging needs with your overall home energy management. With the ability to pair with the Vue Energy Monitor, you can enable features like solar-only charging, which maximizes the use of renewable energy and can lead to further cost savings.  

At $399 with top of the line durability features like NEMA 4 weatherproofing, it’s an amazing value and an easy choice for your EV charging needs.  

Why Buy a Level 2 EV Charger?

Convenience: Charging at home means you can enjoy the convenience of starting each day with a fully charged vehicle without needing to stop at public charging stations.

Cost-Effective: Charging at home is generally cheaper than using public charging stations, especially if you can charge overnight during off-peak electricity rates.

Increased Home Value: Installing an EV charger can increase the value of your home and its appeal to potential buyers who own or are considering an electric vehicle.

How to Select the Best EV Charger

When selecting an EV charger, consider the following key aspects:

Charging Speed: Level 2 chargers, like the Emporia 48 Amp, offer a faster charging speed compared to the standard Level 1 chargers that come with most electric vehicles. They can significantly reduce charging time, making them a great choice for homeowners.

Smart Features: Choose a charger that offers smart features. The Emporia charger, for instance, is Wi-Fi-enabled and allows for integration with home energy management systems. This means you can control and optimize your charging schedule based on energy rates or solar production.

Durability: Look for chargers that are built to last and withstand environmental factors. The Emporia charger features NEMA 4 weatherproofing, ensuring it operates effectively even in adverse weather conditions.

Cost and Value: While the initial cost is a consideration, also look at the overall value the charger provides. The Emporia EV charger, priced at $399, offers a range of high-end features that represent great value for money. It also promises lower ongoing costs by optimizing energy usage and potentially reducing your monthly energy bill.

No Panel Upgrade Needed

For many homeowners interested in installing a Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) charger, the potential need for an expensive electrical panel upgrade has been a significant barrier. These upgrades can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000, a hefty investment that can deter the transition to electric driving. However, Emporia’s innovative solution, the Emporia Pro with its unique Load Management feature, offers a groundbreaking alternative that eliminates the need for costly upgrades while maximizing home charging efficiency.

Understanding the Challenge

Traditional Level 2 EV chargers require a substantial amount of power, often necessitating an upgrade to a home’s electrical panel to handle the increased load safely. This process is not only costly but also involves considerable time and disruption.

Emporia’s Innovative Load Management System

The Emporia Pro stands out with its Load Management system, designed to optimize your existing electrical infrastructure without the need for expensive panel upgrades. This system adjusts the charging rate of your EV based on the real-time capacity of your electrical panel, ensuring you get the fastest possible charge without overloading your system.

Don’t delay, purchase your Emporia 48 Amp Level 2 Smart Home EV Charger here today!


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