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TechHive is abuzz about Emporia's Gen 2 Vue Energy Monitor!

“Should you buy an Emporia Vue Gen 2 Whole Home Energy Monitor?”

That’s the question TechHive posed about our energy energy-usage automating and money saving device and app.

Our goal is to help you keep your energy use and costs lower, aligned with your smart home lifestyle. We do this with management features like Peak Demand to help your home automatically keep its total energy use down and Time of Use so compatible devices will use energy when it’s cheaper, like select Thermostats, Emporia Smart Plugs, and Emporia EV Chargers.

We’re happy to report that TechHive ultimately concluded, “While the detailed information it delivers is nerdy fun on its own, taking action based on the Vue Gen 2’s reporting will save you real money on your electric bill.”

Click here to learn more about the benefits the Emporia Gen 2 Vue can offer, whether as a standalone device, or combined with the broader Emporia Ecosystem (enabling features like solar-only EV charging).


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