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The Emporia Smart Plugs are excellent, affordable way to enable Smarter Home Energy Management.

Are you looking for an affordable and efficient way to manage your home energy usage? Look no further! The Emporia Smart Plugs are an excellent solution to enable smarter home energy management. We are thrilled to announce that the Emporia UK Smart Plug 4-Pack has been recognized as the “Best Value Multipack For Energy Monitoring” by Good Housekeeping.

Why Choose Emporia Smart Plugs?

At Emporia, we have worked diligently to expand our Smart Plug offerings beyond the US while ensuring we maintain a low cost of entry without compromising on the core features you expect. Our Smart Plugs offer a range of benefits that make them a valuable addition to any home.

Good Housekeeping noted that they offer “quick set up” and “affordable energy monitoring.”

Key Features of Emporia Smart Plugs

  1. Monitor Energy Usage:

    • With Emporia Smart Plugs, you can easily monitor the energy used by your devices in real-time. This feature allows you to identify energy hogs and make informed decisions to reduce your electricity consumption.
  2. Quick and Easy Setup:

    • Good Housekeeping has highlighted our Smart Plugs for their “quick set up.” You can get them up and running in no time, making it simple to start managing your energy usage efficiently.
  3. Affordable Energy Monitoring:

    • Our Smart Plugs are praised for offering “affordable energy monitoring.” You don’t have to break the bank to start saving on your energy bills.
  4. Schedule ON/OFF Times:

    • Take control of your appliances by scheduling ON/OFF times. This feature allows you to automate your home and ensure devices are only running when needed, further optimizing your energy use.
  5. Anywhere, Anytime Control:

    • Control your devices from anywhere at any time using the Emporia app. Whether you’re at home or away, you can manage your energy consumption with ease.
  6. Set Timers:

    • Use timers to turn devices on or off at specific times. This is perfect for creating a smart home environment where your devices operate according to your schedule.
  7. Voice Control:

    • Enjoy the convenience of voice control with Amazon Alexa (currently only in the US) or Google Home. This feature allows you to control your Smart Plugs hands-free, making home automation even more seamless.
  8. High Load Capacity:

    • Our Smart Plugs can handle a 15 A Max Peak Load (1hr/day, North America) and a 13 A Max Peak Load (1hr/day, EU/UK), with a 10A Max Continuous Load. This ensures they can support a wide range of devices in your home.

Join the Smart Home Revolution

Emporia Smart Plugs are not just about energy savings; they are about enhancing your overall home experience. By integrating smart technology into your daily routine, you can enjoy greater convenience, control, and efficiency.

Discover the benefits of smarter home energy management with Emporia Smart Plugs. Click here to learn more and shop for your Emporia UK Smart Plugs today. Start your journey towards a more efficient and connected home!


Click here to learn more and shop for your Emporia UK Smart Plugs.


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