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Real Simple, a reputable source for lifestyle tips, recently highlighted the Emporia Smart Plug in their feature article “An Adjustable Laptop Stand—and More Clever Items to Simplify Your Life.

We’re proud to share that Real Simple praised the functionality of the Emporia Smart Plug, emphasizing its ability to seamlessly monitor, control, and conserve energy usage from small appliances. This efficiency is powered by the real-time energy monitoring and control accessible through the  Emporia App.

The Emporia Smart Plug offers users a straightforward method to track energy consumption and pinpoint energy-intensive appliances within their homes. Armed with this knowledge, users can make informed decisions to optimize usage and ultimately lower their monthly energy bills. Additionally, the plug provides the convenience of remote and scheduled ON/OFF functionality, enhancing both control and efficiency. Our user-friendly app interface further simplifies the process, ensuring a seamless experience for all users.

Incorporating the Emporia Smart Plug into any modern household is a smart choice, especially considering its role as a leader in smart home energy management technology. For even greater insights and management capabilities, users can integrate the Emporia Smart Plug with an Emporia Vue Energy Monitor.. This combination unlocks expanded home energy insights and management features through the Emporia App, further empowering users to make informed decisions about their energy usage.

As households increasingly prioritize sustainability and efficiency, the Emporia Smart Plug emerges as an indispensable device. It offers a cost-effective and invaluable energy-saving solution for consumers conscious of their environmental impact and energy consumption, both now and in the future.

Key Features of Emporia Smart Plugs: • Monitor energy consumption of connected devices • Schedule ON/OFF times for appliances • Remote control from anywhere, at any time • Set timers for automated operation • Voice control compatibility with Amazon Alexa (available in the US) or Google Home • Supports a peak load of 15 A (for up to 1 hour/day) and a continuous load of 10 A

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