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Another marquee recommendation for Emporia's Gen 2 Vue Energy Monitor!

In the effort of helping you save on energy use and costs for your home, we made the Emporia Gen 2 Vue Energy Monitor. And we’re ecstatic to note that NYT Wirecutter lists it as a recommendation if a device like this appeals to you.

Our system takes away the guess work so that once installed, you can quickly monitor, manage, and automate your smart home’s energy use.

The Emporia App and smart device integrations let you make the most of features like Time of Use (so integrated devices like our Smart Plugs and EV Chargers automatically use energy when it’s cheaper) and Peak Demand Management (to help keep your home’s total energy use lower).

Ready to take control of your energy use and start discovering ways to save on your monthly electric bill in every room? Click here to learn more and shop for your Emporia Gen 2 Vue Energy Monitor today!


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