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Emporia Energy attended and exhibited at the CEDIA Expo 2019 in Denver, CO2019 in Denver from September 12th to the 14th.

Emporia Energy CEO, Shawn McLaughlin and VP of Sales, Cade Brodbeck explaining the Vue platform at the CEDIA Expo 2019 in Denver.

From September 12th to the 14th, Emporia Energy attended and exhibited at the CEDIA Expo 2019.  Just down the hill from our offices, the Denver Convention Center hosted the event for the first time in five years.  CEDIA (Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association) represents more than 30,000 industry professionals involved with goods and services for the connected home.  Celebrating its 30th year, the CEDIA Expo attracted more than 20,000 attendees and over 500 exhibitors.  

CEDIA brings together installers and integrators of home electronics devices.  Traditionally, these devices have skewed towards audio and visual entertainment.  However, as consumers further embrace the internet-of-things (IoT), these devices move towards greater connection with one another.  With products rooted firmly in its IoT platform, Emporia welcomed dialogue with other forward-looking attendees. 

Well-timed with Price Change

Immediately prior to the CEDIA event, Emporia announced big news!  Specifically, the company had achieved and rolled out breakthrough pricing for its flagship line of Vue energy monitor products.  Emporia has always sought to provide the most value at the lowest price possible.  In so doing, it hopes to make its products available to all consumers.  Therefore, this price change represents a significant milestone for the company.

Even at its original pricing (at $134.99), the Vue maintained industry-low pricing.  However, now available for a mere $69.99, the Vue now can make an unprecedented claim.  Specifically, it stands alone as the world’s best value energy monitor!  

Initial Response at CEDIA

The Emporia team always enjoys introducing its products to new audiences.  And at CEDIA, the excitement was magnified.  Not only were CEDIA attendees familiar with the Emporia concept, but they loved the pricing.  Upon learning about the cost to consumers for the Vue, many raised their eyebrows.  CEDIA participants were further startled to learn that Emporia charges no monthly fee for data.  

Of course, Emporia also promoted its app abilities to those walking the floor at the CEDIA event.  Per usual, we shared our focus on helping consumers save money and energy  through efficiency while also learning how to mitigate impact on the environment.  Of course, none of this proves possible without some form of data collection – a subject near and dear to Emporia.  

However, with a beta release already underway, Emporia had much more about which to speak!  With the aim of delivering a custom experience to users, Emporia continues to release new features to the public.  Specifically, users will soon set their own utility rates and export their data on demand in .csv format.  Additionally, backend logic will cancel out sensor noise for zero-level readings.  We thank our users, developers, and beta testers for these new features responding directly to customer feedback!  Stay tuned for further upgrades in the future!

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