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Sponsorship of Rocky Mountain Green 2019 highlights the commitment by Emporia Energy to green building practices and the goals of USGBC.

In April 2019, Emporia Energy sponsored and exhibited at Rocky Mountain Green in Denver, CO.  Rocky Mountain Green unites members of the green building community at a leading regional event.  Such members include industry leaders, experts, and professionals dedicated to the practice of sustainable building.  Emporia enjoyed participating in the event and meeting others similarly interested to advance sustainability and energy-minded building operation.

Event Purpose

The event sought to inspire those in attendance to focus on the United States Green Building Council‘s mission to transform the quality of interactions with our built environment.  Builders experience these interactions at the point of design, construction, or operation.  And similarly, building users interact at the level of individual, community, or environment.  Both builders and users benefited from a common venue to advance discussions.

In this vein, Emporia appreciated discussion with attendees hailing from the ranks of LEED professionals to university professors.  Emporia further relished the shared focus on saving money and energy, critical components of Emporia’s vision of a sustainable future.

Event Theme

Setting the tone for the event was the keynote speech from Mahesh Ramanujam, CEO of USGBC.  In this speech, Mahesh noted that like people, buildings perform best when attention is paid to them.  In the building sphere, attention often comes in the form of data collection – a subject near and dear to Emporia.

Mahesh acknowledged the importance of data, but stated that on its own data contained no soul.  And therefore, in the absence of impact on people, data contains no relevance to the broader population.  Rather, stories (alternatively viewed as “data with a soul”) hold the key to motivating people towards goals such as sustainability.   Consequently, towards becoming successful practitioners, we should always look for the impact data solutions have on the people served.  Sound advice we agree — and certainly in line with why Emporia Energy participated in this year’s Rocky Mountain Green!

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Emporia Energy is an IoT and energy efficiency company based in Littleton, CO.  Emporia Energy has created a platform that help homeowners manage and protect their energy assets.  This same platform provides home service partners with a powerful means to maintain connection with consumers.

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