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Emporia CEO, Shawn McLaughlin, Details the Benefits of Level 2 EV Charger in Men's Journal Pursuits: Style

Here at Emporia, we talk a lot of Level 2 EV Charging for homeowners. But have you wondered why you should consider it over a basic, Level 1 EV Charger or just relying on public charging infastructure?

You’re in luck, because our expert and CEO, Shawn McLaughlin, detailed the “Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to a Level 2 Charger” with Emily Fazio in Men’s Journal Pursuits: Style!

You’ll learn about 4 key areas that pertain to Level 2 EV Charging:

1. General conveinence factors

2. Improved speed of charging

3. Energy Star certification / energy efficiency

4. Costs savings from rebates, incentives, and tax credits

After you’ve perused why the convenience of Level 2 Ev Charging is worth exploring, be sure to click here to explore the acclaimed, automatable Emporia 48 Amp Level 2 Smart Home EV Charger, starting at just $399!


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