July 22, 2023

TechAcute Deems Emporia's EU Smart Plugs "...Definitely Worth Considering..."


Did you know Emporia has Smart Plugs compatible with EU and UK outlets?

TechAcute reviewed Emporia's EU Smart Plugs and deemed them "Your Wallet's New Best Friend in the Energy Efficiency Game." Better yet, they noted that "after thorough testing, [they] can say the Emporia Smart Plug stands up to the competition and is a reliable solution."

We're ecstatic that our Smart Plugs are available in more regions that ever, offering the key features we know our customers will love:

  • Monitor energy used by your devices
  • Schedule ON/OFF times
  • Anywhere, any time control
  • Set timers
  • Voice control with Amazon Alexa (currently only in the US) or Google Home
  • 15 A Max Peak Load (1hr/day, North America), 13 A Max Peak Load (1hr/day, EU/UK) / 10A Max Continuous Load

Click here to learn more about the Emporia EU Smart Plug and shop for yours today.

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