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As electricity costs rise, look to the sun to save. With Emporia, you can create your own solar power plant to live off the grid, save money over time, and help make a positive change in the world—all while having our shining support every step of the way.

Low in price. 
High in features.

Our 175,000+ customers trust us to provide superior products at affordable prices. With our top-tier solar panels, industry-leading warranties, quality guarantees, and automated savings via our app assure, we’re proud to offer every one of them our very best.

Quick installation. Instant satisfaction.

At Emporia, we only work with fully vetted and proven licensed installation professionals. We even negotiate fair and reasonable installation rates to ensure exceptional installation service at a great price.

Real people. 
Really helpful.

Located in beautiful Colorado, our team of electrification experts, project managers, and customer service professionals are salary-based, knowledgable, and committed to a successful home energy project at every point in the process.

We aim for your stars.

Exceptional customer satisfaction isn’t a benchmark. It’s what drives us.

Our experts are here to help.  


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Power your home with your home. 

The Emporia PowerStation is a slim, stackable system made specifically for solar and battery projects.  

Pay any way you want.

We made it even easier to afford Emporia products. Choose the best payment options for your budget.  


Own your system outright.  


Pay off your purchase over time.  


Lease options will be available soon.  


Save with local and state incentives.

Words from the wise.

Read the latest news, reviews, and how to best use your Emporia products.

Solar Energy FAQs

What financing do you offer?

Emporia offers a range of solar financing and leasing options. Our electrification experts can help you choose the best path for your specific situation.

An Emporia PowerStation can scale from 10kWh to 80kWh of battery storage capacity.  Our inverter “power” can scale from 7.6kW to 30.4kW.

Inverter: 12 years with optional 3-year extension if purchased.

Batteries: 12 years with optional 3-year extension if purchased.

Load Controller: 5 years

Yes, we do. All installation work is guaranteed by Emporia Certified Installers.

Incentives vary per time and area. Refer to our regularly updated article to learn which rebates or incentives are currently available. 

Most battery projects are completed in 2 months from the day the contract is signed through the final inspection. Local housing jurisdictions, permit offices, utility companies and weather can impact the timeline. Our Electrification Experts will keep you updated on the progress of your project each step of the way.

Yes, if you agree to our Self-Install Terms and complete our Certification Program, you can purchase the hardware from us and install it. Book an appointment with our team to learn more.

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