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Emporia has built a tech platform that benefits both consumers and independent business owners. Learn how we make the connection between these groups in this post.

Emporia’s Smart Home Energy System

Emporia Energy is pleased to introduce the all new Gen 2 Vue, its smart home energy management solution.  Available at breakthrough pricing, the platform helps you protect assets and use energy wisely.  The Vue gives consumers insight and control of energy consumption.   It collects whole home and circuit-level energy usage, applies cloud-based tools, and delivers data to mobile devices.  In so doing, it helps assure efficient operation of major appliances while guiding conscious energy use by occupants.  All in the service of providing awareness and savings to consumers.  

The Vue occupies a central position in the emerging smart energy home.  The Vue sits at an important nexus, bridging data for consumer energy demand (including appliances and lighting) to supply from the grid.  The Vue works in tandem with other energy assets like thermostats, outlets, batteries, and electric vehicles.  Vue runs all data through a cloud system for delivery to mobile devices.  

Emporia Smart Energy Purpose

The Opportunity

The Emporia Vue empowers consumers with insight, security, and control while navigating the massive energy transition already underway.   Without doubt, the two major US energy sectors, electricity and transportation, are changing rapidly.  On the one hand, wind and solar now provide more grid fuel and distributed generation for electricity than ever before.  To say nothing of battery storage!  On the other hand, as electric vehicles continue to gain market share, mobility will prove less reliant upon diesel and gasoline.  Due to these two trends, where and when we use energy will have tremendous impact.  Not just on our budgets, but on our environment.  Increasingly, our choices will affect how cleanly we use energy.  

For Home Owners

To help empower energy consumers in this transition, Emporia has established the bold goal of seeking 50% energy savings!  Most homeowners have a nagging sense that savings are achievable, but lack the tools to gauge progress.  Vue provides just such a tool — and helps users track significant savings.  Towards this aim, the Vue platform builds from a base of IoT hardware and custom software. From this base, Emporia delivers recommendations for conservation, efficiency, and technology upgrades.  All tuned and orchestrated to improve savings for energy consumers. 

For Home Services

However, beyond empowering consumers to save money, Emporia also seeks to help connect them to reliable home service providers.  In this manner, the Vue can also serve independent businesses.  Those standing to benefit include realtors, property managers, HVAC or appliance technicians, and trades such as electricity or plumbing.  In a bid to increase commercial presence in this arena, tech giants already seek to place themselves directly in front of homeowners.  Doubtless, doing so constitutes a threat to business owners who prefer independence and future growth.  Emporia’s co-branding and lead-generation programs provide home service companies with the same powerful IoT marketing tools used by tech giants.  

Beyond Mere Conservation

Clearly, consumers equipped to measure and manage energy usage stand to save money through conservation.  However, Emporia sees these types of savings as just the starting point.  In brief, the energy transition will impact more than mere dollars.  Simply put, it will change the way we use energy — not merely how we conserve it.  More and more, realizing the best value from energy spending will require carefully selecting energy plans.  It will also involve timing energy usage, choosing homes and products that ease our efforts, and selecting how to offset the global impact of the energy we use.  Therefore, it will dramatically affect how we conduct business, both as consumers and as providers of home services.  

Managing the complexity of these interactions — involving supply, demand, and in-home energy assets —  will prove challenging to many consumers.   Anticipating this need for assistance, Emporia developed Vue to help guide homeowners.  

Anchored by hardware options installed behind a home’s main breaker panel, Vue sits at the nexus of home energy assets and power supply.  There, it monitors sources and uses of electricity, providing consumers with a real-time view into the inner workings of their homes.  From this vantage, Vue provides recommendations to achieve savings and increased value from energy.  Now and into the future.  

How to Join the Emporia Smart Energy Movement

Of course, savings add up over time.  So joining Emporia Energy now starts you immediately on the path to greatest savings, convenience, and protection.  Emporia invites you to do well by doing good: save money, conserve energy, and reduce carbon.  With our game-changing pricing, you will see payback quickly!

Start Your Journey in Three Easy Steps

Step 1: Try Emporia’s Software

Download Emporia’s home energy app on either the App Store or Google Play.  Any user can sample a demo version of this app and provide feedback.  But the app becomes so much more powerful when installed with Vue hardware!  So be sure to complete the second step below, either before or after downloading the Emporia home energy app.  

Step 2: Purchase Emporia Vue Hardware

Installed behind your home’s main breaker panel, the Vue works in any market.  Though homeowners can often complete this installation in 15-20 minutes, Emporia nonetheless recommends hiring a qualified electrician.  However, as a reward for installation, the Vue provides highly granular data — and soon the ability to monitor individual circuits.  All at a highly affordable price!  Click here to choose your Vue.

Step 3: Reap the Rewards of Success

Simply put, Emporia seeks to put consumers in control of their energy data.  By viewing this data in real time, consumers can expect to save between 3% and 13% through awareness and simple conservation.  However, Emporia has established the bold goal of saving consumers up to 50% on energy spending over time.  Consumers will achieve this level of savings through a combination of app-recommended strategies that will compound over time.  Better yet, these opportunities for savings will only increase as utilities proceed further into the renewable-energy transition.

Think about it:

  • Extra money in your pocket — month after month
  • No more nagging concerns about wasting money and energy
  • Comfort in knowing that your benefits also help the planet

Emporia sees this confluence of interests as the ultimate win-win — and hopes you will as well.  Please join us!


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