June 29, 2023

Emporia EV Charger Named Best Home EV Charger by CoPilot


In a recent review by CoPilot, the Emporia EV Charger was named the best EV home charger due to its smart features and excellent value-to-price ratio. Priced at $399, the Emporia EV Charger stands out as one of the most affordable 48-amp home chargers with hardwire installation. It offers a 22" NEMA 14-50P with the capability to charge EVs up to 40 amps. The charger comes with a thick 24-foot cable and an SAE J1772 connector, compatible with most modern EVs. With its WiFi-enabled features and the Emporia Energy app, users can monitor their energy usage, view historical data, and schedule charging times conveniently. Additionally, Emporia offers smart plugs and energy monitors to optimize energy consumption and save costs. Overall, the Emporia EV Charger is a safety-certified, top-notch home charger with exceptional value.

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