December 5, 2019

EZVid Ranks the Gen 2 Vue as the Best Energy Monitor


The positive reviews keep rolling in!  Emporia Energy very much appreciates topping the list of the EZVid wiki for 10 Best Electric Usage Monitors for residential energy use.  Three of those devices boast whole-home electricity monitoring similar to that of the Vue: the offerings from Eyedro, Sense, and of course Emporia.  

Emporia has previously created its own comparison table for these devices.  And clearly agrees with the EZVid top value ranking.  However, it is our goal to present the best option for consumers -- regardless of cost!  So with that in mind, let's consider a few points.  

Customer Reviews

First, the Emporia Vue enjoys the highest star-ranking on Amazon.  Specifically, our Vue Monitor with two 200A sensors on panel mains boasts a 4.7-star review average on Amazon where it sells for only $69.99.  And for those seeking greater resolution for circuit-level loads, the Vue+8 and Vue+16 include additional eight ($109.99) or sixteen ($149.99) 50A sensors respectively.  Further, with customer satisfaction as a core value at Emporia, we are constantly striving for 5 stars for all of our products!

Continued Platform Development

Consistent with its focus on customer satisfaction, Emporia continually seeks to improve its platform and user interface.  And we do so in response to suggestions from our customers!  Already this year, we have added functionality that allows users to download data in .csv format, to customize a multiplier for individual circuits, and to monitor net-metering for solar.  And in the coming months, look for our first notifications to go live on our app!

Key Differentiators: Price and Flexibility

Emporia works hard to make energy efficiency pay off for consumers.  For this reason, we have from the beginning focused on designing products we can sell at the lowest price possible.  In this manner, customers can expect almost immediate payback from their investment in the Vue.  

We have also sought to build a platform that allows flexibility for additional hardware configurations, devices, and user types.  For example, on our shop we sell several different types of sensors to allow for installation in as many homes as possible.  We also will soon offer a device to receive data directly from certain "smart" meters.  Finally, unlike other platforms, our platform allows customers to access data from multiple monitors -- all under a single account.  

We Aim to Stay Number One!

With the above in mind, readers should appreciate that Emporia ultimately strives to be the first choice for energy consumers -- regardless of cost.  And in this spirit we are proud to be acknowledged by EZVid wiki!  

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