EV Chargers for Auto Dealerships

Car dealers can offer their customers at-home charging with Emporia's award-winning, Level 2 Smart Home EV Charger.

Get Emporia EV Chargers at your Dealership

Offer At-Home Level 2 EV Charging to your Customers

Add Value to your EV Sales

  • Offer your customer's Emporia's Award-winning Level 2 EV Charger
  • Beat Tesla’s $425 value proposition with Emporia for $399 with identical specs
  • Include in the financing of the vehicle
  • No inventory necessary -- Emporia drop-ships to your customers
  • Professional In-store display
  • Earn credits toward EV charger infrastructure for your dealership
Emporia EV Charger with Installation

Offer Installation Service to Your Customers

  • White glove installation services by a certified Emporia electrician partner
  • Managed by an Emporia Electrification Advisor
  • Earn higher margin on chargers with installation
  • Monthly settlements/payments