May 15, 2023

The Emporia EV Charger Gets "Two Thumbs Up" From Torque News


Looking for another detail-packed review of the Emporia Level 2 Smart Home EV Charger in addition to State of Charge/InsideEVs?

Look no further than Torque News, who after putting the Emporia EV Charger through its paces, found that it’s “a high-value, attractively-priced smart home EV charger."

Some notable highlights of the Emporia EV Charger include NEMA weather-proof hardware that works with all EVs and and App control helps you save on every charge automatically thanks to Emporia’s suite of smarter home energy management know-how and smart home integrations. (Pair it with the Emporia Vue Energy Monitor for even more features like solar-only charging!)

Priced at just $399 for a best-in-class experience, why pay more? Learn more and purchase your Emporia EV Charger today here.

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