July 19, 2022

This Simple Device Enables Home Energy Savings for Under $15


According to EDF, "Americans spend $350 billion a year on electricity – with three-quarters of the energy going to waste." This isn’t sustainable for the planet -- or our wallets when a high electric bill arrives.

But there’s one simple, affordable, and straightforward way to waste less energy while saving on your monthly bill. Better yet, it doesn’t require unplugging all the devices powering your daily life!

Are you ready to take a small step toward making informed energy decisions that help put money back in your pocket by making devices in your home more energy efficient automatically?

You may be ready to invest in your first -- or next favorite -- smart home device: the Emporia Smart Plug.

Before bringing this device to market, Emporia found that smart outlets, depending on how many are used, will save a consumer between 5%-10% (or $67-$135) on their total energy bill each year. In addition to our full suite of energy management devices and smart home device integrations, we knew it was imperative to bring this opportunity to more people who wanted a simpler way to get started or gain more granular energy insights.

We believe that by reducing our customers’ energy use and saving them money, Emporia is helping people create a healthier planet and build a brighter future for us all.

Once plugged into your wall, the amazing Emporia Smart Plug (priced at less than$15) allows you to plug in devices like a TV, hair dryer, small appliance, gaming console, etc. to make use of the following features within the Emporia App that help you consume less energy, add automation, and save money:

  • Turn devices on/off remotely and even set a timer
  • Set a schedule for your devices to use energy when it’s cheapest
  • Be notified if devices use unusual amounts of energy
  • Voice control with Amazon Alexa (only in US) or Google Home
  • Automatically turn devices off during your utility’s peak hours
  • Automatically turn devices off when home energy load is approaching pre-defined peak when paired with an Emporia Vue
  • Automatically turn on devices when home has excess solar generation when paired with an Emporia Vue

It’s so effective and simple to use that it received PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice!

So, if you’re ready to learn more about Smarter Home Energy Management enabled by devices in the Emporia Ecosystem like the Emporia Smart Plug and purchase a few for your home, click here.

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