April 6, 2023

"What I'd Change: Nothing" - The Gadgeteer Reviews the Emporia Level 2 Smart Home EV Charger


The Gadgeteer put the Emporia Level 2 Smart Home EV Charger through its paces and has the answer for those wondering how it functions:

“So how well does the Emporia Energy Smart Home EV Charger work? Well after a solid month, the quick answer is flawlessly.”

At Emporia, we’ve aimed to make the absolute best EV Charger available and offer it for the $399 price that makes it an easy decision alongside any EV.

On the hardware side you’ll find best-in-class features like NEMA 4 weather proofing and a plug that works with all EVs.

On the software side you’ll benefit from Emporia’s energy management know how so you can do things like schedule charging to occur when its cheapest.

Beyond that, you can even pair it with Emporia’s Vue Home Energy Monitor to take even more control of energy usage in tandem with your whole home’s use, with options for managing Peak Demand and even solar-only charging.

Considering the Emporia EV Charger as a purchase for your EV? The Gadgeer summed up what you can expect well: "When you add on all the app functionality and the fact that it’s just $399, this is a win all around."

Shop for your Emporia EV Charger here today.

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