September 13, 2022

"Everything you'd want from a Smart Plug" - Digital Trends


Emporia Smart Plugs: The simplest way to start saving on your monthly utility bill with effective smart home automations and insights for a variety of your home's devices.

It's no wonder Digital Trends proclaimed in their review that they're "Everything you'd want from a Smart Plug," while deeming it an Editors' Choice! The highlights, you ask?

  • "Slick design, easy installation."
  • "Unprecedented energy tracking."
  • "Remarkably easy to use."
  • "Too powerful to pass up."

With Emporia Smart Plugs you can enjoy the following features:

  • Monitor energy used by your devices
  • Schedule ON/OFF times
  • Anywhere, any time control
  • Set timers
  • Voice control with Amazon Alexa (only in the US) or Google Home
  • 15 A Max Peak Load (1hr/day) / 10A Max Continuous Load

And we'd be remiss not to mention that it only gets better when you integrate it with our Gen 2 Vue Energy Monitor for expanded energy use insights, management features and automations!

Want to learn more in detail about why the Emporia Smart Plugs are excellent, affordable way to enable Smarter Home Energy Management? Read the full review from Digital Trends or visit our webstore today by clicking here.

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