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Consumers face confusion and challenges in energy management. Gain insight and learn about strategies for saving money in the upcoming energy transition.

Consumer Uncertainty

Though routine and mostly taken for granted, energy consumption presents a difficult topic on many levels.  As a result, a consumer faces confusion and challenges with respect to energy management.  For example, how much energy does a home use?  When, for what uses, and at what cost?  How is it measured?  How is it priced?  Where does the energy come from?  And how do those energy sources impact pollution?

The Scale of Energy Waste

In many ways, this uncertainty contributes to energy waste.  Often, we can’t gauge actual consumption in real time.  And without this data, we don’t know how best to improve our patterns to save money and carbon.  Consequently, overall energy efficiency in the US may be as low as 14%, but likely no higher than 39%.  Even this greater number points to waste in excess of 60%, leading to increased pollution and unnecessary expense.

The graphic below derives from 2017 data for making electricity in the US.  It points to our wasting two times the amount of energy that we use.  It also shows that a full 60% of our fuel derives from fossil sources.  Imagine the cost of this waste! Imagine the global impact!

Strategies to Combat Energy Waste

But how can we consumers best tackle costly inefficiency?  Sure, we have a utility meter; but we typically only receive 12 data points per year – in the form of monthly bills and long after we have consumed the energy!  Further, though we may see generalized recommendations for decreasing charges, how can we decide which of those recommendations best suit our own lifestyle?  Emporia cuts through the confusion to present timely data and directed recommendations to save money and to improve efficiency. 

Emporia has identified the following top methods to improve cost and resource efficiency:

Looking Ahead to Meet the Energy Management Challenge

However, beyond just current conditions, Emporia strives to help you the consumer meet the challenges of energy management.  In brief, Emporia seeks to help you prepare for energy’s future.  A future where homes increasingly generate and store their own energy; where utilities increasingly adjust pricing to reflect real-time costs; and where technology increasingly allows consumers customized control of usage.  Emporia embraces this dramatic shift and strives to save up to 50% for energy consumers while promoting clean fuel sources for that energy. 


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