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Electric Sub-Meter for Rental Units

Understanding Tenant Energy Use Managing a multi-residential building with one electric meter can be a headache. Ideally, you want a separate electric sub-meter for rental units. But this is not the case with many rental buildings with communal meters. Landlords are stuck splitting the bill among the tenants. Or they’re figuring out a flat fee […]

How to Ensure Solar Makes Sense for Your Home

Solar cells offer the attractive prospect of generating one’s own energy in a safe and clean manner.  Further, many of us like the concept of selling excess energy back to the grid.  However, the panels, inverters, and controls required for such a system represent significant investment by the homeowner.  Towards vetting any outlay or finance […]

How to Navigate the Latest Energy Transition

The Landscape Today Though we may at times struggle fully understanding energy, many of us likely perceive major changes in the energy landscape.  Low-cost natural gas increasingly displaces coal.  Renewable sources, such as wind and solar energy make up larger shares of our fuel mix.  And early adopters have already pushed into batteries, electric vehicles, […]

Consumer Challenges in Energy Management

Consumer Uncertainty Though routine and mostly taken for granted, energy consumption presents a difficult topic on many levels.  As a result, a consumer faces confusion and challenges with respect to energy management.  For example, how much energy does a home use?  When, for what uses, and at what cost?  How is it measured?  How is […]

Who Benefits from Utility Meters?

Depending on location, most of us reside behind at least one utility meter. Such meters measure resources flowing into our households: water, natural gas, and electricity.  And although we benefit from the resources, these meters exist not so much for us as for the utility.  We don’t own and can’t modify these devices, typically mounted […]

How to Understand Your Utility Bill

Complexity Utility billing.  Necessary, yes, but rarely welcome.  Also, the bills are always received one month after using the resource and contain difficult technical terms.  For example, we face charges related to commodity, peak demand, standard metering, and distribution facilities.  Next come franchise costs, cost recovery adjustments, and state and local taxes — just to […]

The Argument for Customizing Energy Choices

Control vs. Choice Though sharing many commonalities with others, we proudly affirm what makes us unique!  Sometimes we don’t control all aspects of our individuality.  For example, the region or state in which we grow up, raise our families, or work.  But other times, we choose based upon our perceptions of value.  For example, through […]