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What Does the Mass Adoption of EVs Mean for the Grid?

In a recent article at, Neal Freyman posits that electric vehicles accounting for 5.6% of the total auto market is likely the tipping point that will bring EVs to mass adoption. We at Emporia wholeheartedly agree not only with this forecast, but also the points made about infrastructure being a huge hurdle – even […]

6 Expert Energy-Efficient Home Improvement Tips

Energy inefficiency = unnecessary expenses. High utility bills can be caused by a number of factors, including outdated appliances, “phantom power,” or HVAC systems working in overdrive. Regardless of the cause, people all over the country are looking for ways to save money on their energy bills and increase the sustainability of their home. Redfin […]

Best Home Energy Monitor

best home energy monitor

How do you find the best home energy monitor?  What are the top devices available today to monitor electricity in real time?  Which deliver the best value to help save you money? Although several different types of energy monitors exist, only devices based on current transformer (CT) clamps apply “universally.”  Therefore, we examine such units from Curb, Sense, […]

The Emporia Smart Energy Home System

The transition to clean energy is well underway! Energy generation through solar and wind are higher than ever. That is why we are creating the Emporia Smart Energy Home System.

Sustainability and the Environment: It’s Time We All Do Our Part

Daily it seems, we learn about further shifts to long-standing patterns on our planet.  With these changes occurring at global scale, we may at times feel daunted as individuals.  And indeed, the challenges loom large around doing our part for sustainability and the environment.  However, these feelings ought not lead us to inaction!  Instead, each […]

Energy Awareness at Home: Your Best Step for the Environment

We humans produce and consume lots of energy.  In fact, our economies depend on the value derived from energy use.  And yet, deep down we know that we lose significant value through waste.  Of course, we accept some of this loss as a cost of doing business.  Nevertheless, the US economy squanders more than 60% […]

It’s High Time to Connect Energy Use to Care About the Environment

One of Emporia Energy‘s central pillars commits the company to making the world a better place.  And in truth, we founded the company based upon enthusiasm for the imminent shift towards sustainability and decarbonization.  In brief, thanks to tech advances, renewable energy now stands on equal or better footing than fossil fuels for electricity generation. […]

Welcome to Your New Vue Whole Home Energy Monitor!

So, you have just successfully installed a new Vue in your home.  Or maybe you are still learning more.  Either way: Welcome to Emporia Energy!  Our platform provides you with a clear view of your home’s energy, probably unlike anything you have seen before.  No longer will you wait until billing from your utility to […]

Best LED Bulbs to Replace in Your Home

Emporia Energy is committed to providing convenience for users of its Vue Smart Home Energy Management System.  But even if you have yet to purchase your Vue at breakthrough pricing, Emporia wants to assist your energy efficiency efforts.  As such, we have curated this Best Bets LED list to help you make the right choice […]