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A major milestone now allows purchase of the best value home energy monitor for a mere $49.99, making energy insight and savings available to all!

From the beginning, we at Emporia Energy sought to deliver the highest quality product at the lowest price.  This approach supports our goal of making energy data available to every household with a utility meter.  Towards this end, we have worked hard to deliver the lowest-priced real-time platform on the market. However, we continued to push harder!  And now, consistent with making energy insight available to all, we happily announce reaching a major milestone.  Effective immediately, we have reduced the Vue price by a factor of three: to $84.99.  Thanks to increasing volume, this breakthrough pricing cements the Vue’s position as the world’s best value energy monitor.  

Value to Your Household

Emporia has committed to the long game of helping households navigate today’s energy transition.  To succeed, consumers must have a tool for insight into saving money, increasing efficiency, protecting energy assets, and appreciating impact on climate.  

Clearly the electric meter on a home’s exterior does NOT represent that tool!  Rather, consumers need a platform designed for the benefit of energy users rather than for the benefit of the utility company.  

Enter the Emporia Vue.  Its position as the best value energy monitor is evident in the table below — even at the old pricing.  However, the new pricing provides even further support for the best value energy monitor claim.  Really, no other product even comes close to providing such rapid payback to consumers!  

Upcoming Enhancements

As with other quality tech, the Vue improves with time.  And this pricing milestone keeps Emporia on schedule for further upgrades to user experience!  At its base, the Vue delivers ready access to real-time energy data.  This insight empowers households to monitor energy use, activities, and savings in proportion to attention paid to the app.  

Already, Emporia has innovated beyond these early capabilities.  Adding 50A sensors to the Vue provides circuit-level detail — without guesswork.  Specifically, the add-on device lets users focus on the most important circuits in their homes.  With it, they most typically choose to monitor furnaces, air conditioning, hot water tanks, ovens, and sump pumps.  And in so doing, they can learn to detect inefficiencies and failures.  

And over the next several quarters, our road map prescribes building capabilities for time-of-use pricing and push notifications..  All using the same hardware available today.  Further, we are developing a hardware option to interface with our app while reading wireless data in “smart meter” markets.  

Further Products on the Way

As part of making energy efficiency available to all, Emporia Energy constantly looks beyond its own products.  For example, we regularly review connected tech devices that we believe help drive savings while pushing towards future energy automation.  For example, our savings blog includes reviews of smart thermostats, LED light bulbs, and smart power strips.  All of these products are conveniently linked for purchase through Amazon on our e-commerce site.  

Additionally, we follow exciting developments in the world of home Wi-Fi — now moving evermore towards convenient mesh networks.  The price of these seamless systems has dropped dramatically over the past year.  Therefore, in our minds, mesh represents the clear choice for consumers to extend wireless data coverage in their homes.  

We further monitor the emerging residential energy storage markets.  So stay tuned for information on batteries!

No Time Like the Present for Action!

We hope you share our excitement at achieving this pricing milestone.  Ideally, this hard work fulfills our desire to make energy insight and savings accessible to all.  We further hope that the comparison table above demonstrates the breakthrough nature of our undertaking.  To wit, the Vue is 3.5 to 9 times cheaper than any other similar device — even while delivering great quality and increasing function.  We invite you to visit our store to purchase the world’s best value energy monitor, the Emporia Vue, and other connected energy tech products!  


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