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Emporia keeps tabs on the current market for the best modern smart thermostats that provide Wi-Fi connectivity and a host of other features to help consumers save money, energy, and carbon over time.

For user convenience, Emporia Energy keeps tabs on the current market for the best smart thermostats.  Emporia limits its research to smart thermostats as distinct from legacy programmable or manual hardware.  Simply put, although boasting a lower purchase price, these old-tech devices fail to deliver long-term value.  In contrast, modern smart thermostats provide Wi-Fi connectivity and a host of other features to help consumers save money, energy, and carbon over time.  

Below, Emporia provides quick descriptions and convenient links to purchase thermostats.  The first two products, from Nest and ecobee represent the latest products from two recognized leaders in smart thermostats.  However, for those seeking solutions at lower price points, Emporia provides options from two other well-known brand names: Honeywell and Emerson.  

Please feel free to use the Amazon links provided below to learn more and purchase each thermostat.  We expect you will be happy with any of the choices we have curated here for you!

Best Smart Thermostats


Credit Nest for the functional and aesthetic design that changed the way consumers viewed their thermostat!  Includes occupancy sensor and remote control through an app.  The name is now the best selling and most recognized in smart thermostats.  This latest version of their hardware comes in a variety of body colors and improved readability from across the room.  

Buy Nest on Amazon for $215.99


Also a strong innovator in smart thermostats, ecobee offers similar features to Nest.  This latest version of their device also offers built-in Alexa voice command and connection to remote room sensors.  Although these sensors may help improve temperature control in key rooms when occupied, they of course do not change the underlying HVAC system.  So be aware that improved comfort in a remote room might come at the expense of decreased comfort in others.  

Buy ecobee on Amazon for $200.00


Longtime maker of legacy thermostats, Honeywell is no stranger to residential temperature control.  Their latest offering allows users to customize screen color to match interior decor.  

Buy Honeywell on Amazon for $150.55


Emerson has produced a strong product receiving consistent positive buzz for its quality and great value.  Although they have recently updated the Sensi to include a color screen, we feel that their classic monochrome version offers the best value.  

Buy Emerson Sensi on Amazon for $99.99

What About Emporia Energy?

Though a manufacturer of its own Vue hardware at game-changing pricing, Emporia offers no smart thermostats to the current market.  Instead, Emporia boosts the performance of offerings from others.  It does so by coupling demand-side data with supply-side knowledge.  In this manner, Emporia amplifies the power of smart thermostats.  As a result, smart thermostats form an integral part of meeting Emporia’s 50% savings challenge.  

Are you located in an area with time-of-use tariffs?  Demand charges?  Emporia’s platform provides insight to save you money.  And what about solar?  And looking even further ahead, future users will automate energy use based upon their custom settings.  A long way from thermostat adjustments by hand indeed!


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