March 3, 2022

6 Expert Energy-Efficient Home Improvement Tips


Energy inefficiency = unnecessary expenses. High utility bills can be caused by a number of factors, including outdated appliances, “phantom power,” or HVAC systems working in overdrive. Regardless of the cause, people all over the country are looking for ways to save money on their energy bills and increase the sustainability of their home.

Redfin consulted with Emporia on how to do just this in their new article, 6 Expert Energy-Efficient Home Improvement Tips. Our biggest piece of advice is to take advantage of smart home energy management tools. We developed products like our Gen 2 Emporia Vue Energy Monitor, Smart Plugs, and Home Battery System as a solution to the problem of inefficient homes and rising energy bills. Taking your energy usage into your own hands and automating it based on time-of-use, peak demand, and excess solar allows you to know exactly how much energy you’re using, identifying places where you can save power and money.

Check out the full article to read all of the energy-saving tips provided by leaders in the market!

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